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Blazing Hot Cowboy - Kim Redford

Lauren was a widow and just came back home for her aunts care. Lauren needs a new start and has a four year old daughter Hannah. Lauren has been away for thirteen years. Lauren runs into her first love Kent who is a rancher and volunteer firefighter. Lauren and Kent start to see each other again. Lauren also becomes a volunteer firefighter. Lauren and Kent had broke up when Lauren’s parents  moved. There is an arsonist around setting fires.

There was something in this book that didn’t strike me right in this book. Maybe reading the word gal more times than I can can count. Or being told Lauren and Kent were reverting back to the way they used to be. I don't like it was an instalove/lust  Lauren had been married and hopefully she had loved her husband so she had to have let go of her love for  Kent. It also felt rushed to me. This just wasn’t for me.