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great story and characters

Fallen Star - Allison Morse

Kate had just got through her mother's funeral. Her mother -Audrey had succumbed to cancer. The doorbell rang and Kate opened the door to her great Aunt Lillian who had been a commanding stage actress. But now Kate’s great aunt just looked old when did that happen? Lillian’s sister Gloria had become a star in the 1940’s.Kate had been fascinated with her grandmother. Gloria had been brutally murdered and her killer had not been brought to justice.  While going through Glory’s things  in the garage Kate found a missing film of her grandmother’s- Gloria that was believed to show the fight and possibly the murder of Gloria. Everyone had believed the film had been destroyed. Kate let her Aunt Lillian take the film even though she hadn’t  been in Kate’s life much. But her great aunt Lillian had a plan Natalie was Kate’s friend . Kate had entered a film and in an hour the winner of the Herbert Collier Prize would be announced and Natalie was going with Kate to the announcing of the award. Kate was one of the five finalists. Natalie is the only person Kate had told that she had almost been raped at thirteen by a so called director. That was when Kate changed from wanting to be an actress to doing films. Then Kate bumped into a man who turned out to be a judge of the films from the graduate students. Kate didn’t win and placed third she was really disappointed. In a week Kate met up with her aunt about the film as she is determined to be a part of the team that restores it the film had been sent to her mother and when her mother passed it became hers so Kate felt. Then Dylan the man who Kate had bumped into and had been a judge was there he was a friend of her Aunt Lillian’s  and had worked on restoring films and the one Kate found was very fragile and the work needed to be carefully done so as not to destroy the old film.Dylan had some secrets of his own and someone or thing seemed to be haunting Kate.Kate had frequent  nightmares that seem to be telling her to leave.  Kate wants to unravel the mystery of her grandmother’s murder. Gloria’s presence was still felt by many people who had known and cared for her and were still alive. Kate seems to be the killer's next target.

I really loved this story and I loved the plot.I love how it shows how women were and are treated in Hollywood . I loved Kate’s strength. I didn’t want to put this down. I felt it had great action. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I loved the behind the scenes look at movie making. I loved the characters and the twist in this story and I highly recommend.