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good story and characters

Beautiful Mess (Rock ā€˜nā€™ Ink Book 2) - Kasey Lane

Jami was at the tattoo shop named Tatuggio. Jamie is a corporate law  lawyer. Jamie felt her brother Mason had lost his mind. He quit his job as CEO  of the biggest entertainment market company on the  West Coast. Jamie was chasing after Mason. Jamie would do would do anything for her mom and dad that is why she is there to talk to Mason now. Jami pretty much let her parents  run her life.Jami was now a control freak who lacks self confidence and self esteem from her parents constant emotional attacks on her.  Mason and Jami are very close brother and sister and deeply care for each other. Jami did really love one aspect of her life she volunteered at domestic violence shelter and that makes her happy. Jami and pushed her real passion deep inside herself. Mason had gone crazy for Kevan who was from across the tracks.  Jami liked Kevan and understood why his brother fell for her.  When Jami went into the tattoo shop the song playing her mind went back to the past. Then Jami heard a voice she instantly  recognized but hadn’t heard in five years.. Her body immediately responded to that voice. It was Jackson and he had been her college fling. Jackson and Jami had met when they were both in law school. Jami and Jax dated for about a month. Then Jax left Jami without a word and broke Jami’s heart. Jax had walked away from Jami because the both knew they didn’t fit and and her parents confronted Jax and made it clear they knew Jackson and Jami didn’t fit. Jackson let his fear rule him and he walked away. Then Jamie heard her brother Mason’s voice and he called her over to him he was getting a tattoo on his back and Jackson/Jax was doing it. Jackson now went by the name Jax. There was an electric connection the minute Jax and Jami’s eyes met. Jami did know Jax was a gifted artist. Jax also was a drummer in a band called band called Manix Curse.This was an up and coming band. Jax had come from a family with money and his parents expected him to become a lawyer and aid their political aspirations . Jackson quit law school and instead went after his passion music and art. The next time Jami see Jax it is as her brother's engagement party as Jax is his good friend. Jax and Jami end up in a guest bedroom. Jax decides he wants Jami back He is relentless. Jax’s band needed a lawyer for their upcoming tour in the spring and then another the following summer but also recording negotiations. Mason becomes Jax’s band P R manager hires Jami to be the band’s lawyer. Jami finally decides to give Jax another chance .This time Jax was all in and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know he loved Jami. Even though Jami tried to push Jax away as she wasn't going to let him break her heart again but once Jax committed to Jami again he didn’t leave her just was there for her anyway he could be.

. I really liked this story. It kept my attention from the  beginning to end. I loved that Jax was strong enough to go against his parents for his passion that makes him happy. I wasn’t very happy when he left Jami and broke her heart but he did everything he could to make it up to Jami and I grew to love him. I know how much pressure parents can put on a boyfriend/ girlfriend. I’ll take Jax for my book boyfriend. I am glad Mason broke away also. I also love how Jami eventually becomes happy and trust Jax and has a good relationship with him. I also loved how after Jax decided he wanted Jami back he went all out and refused to leave her or let him drive him away and he didn’t care who knew he loved her. I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.