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great story and characters

Heartbreaker (Hollywood Hearts Book 2) - Belinda Williams

Marc is a security expert who has to protect Lena Lyons from a stalker. Lena is a fairly famous actress. But Lena doesn’t want a bodyguard. Also Lena is in the middle of a divorce. Marc has to pretend to be Lena’s boyfriend. The kind of job Lena hated. Lena’s mom had died from cancer when she was a teenager.Her father had left when he found out Lena’s mom had cancer.  Then Lena turns to modeling to support herself. The production company Lena works for.  had hired Marc  Marc had survivor's guilt from when he was in the Marine’s and had a tour of duty in Afghanistan and lost some of his friends. Then Marc’s family made him feel like an outsider as he was not creative in any way and they were. Marc is a reserved man and hates the Hollywood lifestyle. But Marc was good at his job. Lena’s best friend is Ally and Jay was once Lena’s bodyguard and both would do anything for Lena. Marc had a young daughter who he is very close to. Lena’s house is set on fire and Marc takes her to his cabin for a safe house. Marc and Lena get to know each other.

I loved this book. I loved the action and suspense. This also had a good plot. I feel this is very realistic. This was also well written. I loved how Marcus was with his little girl. Definitely kept my attention through the whole book. I just loved this book. I felt bad how Marc’s family made his feel and the guilt he carried . I loved the characters  and all the ins and outs and I highly recommend.