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good story and characters

Every Breath You Take - Christina Phillips

Piper was a good rich girl. Mason was a bad boy who wanted Piper was seventeen  and  was with his brother. But Piper wanted Mason to. Piper and Mason had not seen each other in a long time. Mason’s brother Colton died five years ago Piper knew why Colton was out recklessly driving and it eats at her. Mason felt guilty as he knew Colton shouldn’t have been driving the motorcycle but he didn’t stop him and Colton was killed in a motorcycle accident. Piper had always felt guilty when   Both Mason and Piper feel guilty but they believe that if they have one night together now it will get each other out of their systems. Every year on the date of Colton’s death Piper meet with Colton’s and Mason’s parents but this year Mason was there. Then Piper’s car wouldn’t start and Mason offered to give him a ride home.

I felt this was great book and a good fast read . I liked the plot and the pace of this story. I felt bad for the guilt both Piper and Mason felt as as Colton went through. I loved how Mason is portrayed. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of the story and I recommend.