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good story and characters

High Stakes (The Men Of The Sisterhood) - Fern Michaels

The men of the Sisterhood a super club  adult entertainment franchise which they feel is really a front for a major drug trafficking operation. Toby is a nerdy friend of Dennis’s  from school that brings this to the men's attention. THe club owner knows about Toby’s suspicions and this creates danger for Toby. Dennis is a reporter and went to the men of the Sisterhood and request that they help Toby. Toby is working as a dancer.  The men of the Sisterhood go undercover to infiltrate the operation.

I like this story a lot. It was a quick easy read. I would have liked backstory but didn’t realize this was the fifth book from a series. It would have fit together a lot better if I had read the previous book I am sure I think I will probably go back to read them if I can find them. But I still enjoyed this a lot and it made me laugh at times. I loved it when the guys were in dresses. It did drag a little for me at times though. I enjoyed this and I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and i recommend. But read the other books first.