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Raw Need (Larson Brothers) - Cherrie Lynn

Rowan is a new widow of four months who is also pregnant by her deceased husband Tommy who accidentally died in A MMA fight. Zane is Roman favorite singer and he is in a band called August On Fire. Rowen's parents died along time ago so all she really had was a mother in law her smothered her and her sister in law Savannah. Rowan has no real outlet for her many emotions. Rowan had loved the band August on Fire for years and felt Zane’s soulful lyrics had got her through a lot in her life, Savannah knows how pressured and down Rowan has been feeling so sets her up for a meet and greet with August On Fire at their next concert.Zane’s brother is responsible for Tommy’s accidental death. So Zane has a painful connection to Rowan and her unborn baby. Zane has done everything he wanted and finds his escape through his music as Zane has a dark past with his mother that still affects him even now. Rowan and Zane meet at his concert and keep in touch. Then Zane asks Rowan out on a pity date as nothing can happen between them in the circumstances. So Zane goes to New Orleans to take Rowan out. But to Rowan it feel more like a fantasy to be going out with Zane so she really doesn’t expect much. But then Zane discovers there is something about Rowan that just draws him in. Surprisingly Rowan is attracted to Zane also. Rowan starts to care for Zane although she can’t understand what he sees in her . Zane decides to invite Rowan to go on tour with him and the band. Rowan is torn between the family she has left and Zane but she decides to go with Zane on tour. Zane wants to be there for Rowan when she has to find the strength to let go of her grief and fight back against everyone and everything pulling them apart. Rowan feels cherished and adored by Zane and feel comforted when with him. But Rowan also feel s guilty about developing feelings for Zane. Rowan doesn’t want more complications but she also doesn’t want to give Zane up. I liked this book a lot but there were things I didn’t care for. I would have liked for Rowan and Zane’s relationship take a lot longer to build she had only been a widow for four months as well as being pregnant by her dead husband Tommy. But I still found this a good sweet read. I love how Zane was with Rowan. I want A Zane. I didn’t like how her mother and law and Savannah pressured Rowan she is after all pregnant. Especially since Rowan’s feelings are all in a turmoil at it is. I do think Zane should have waited to ask Rowan out and just remain friends for a while and give Rowan a chance to feel as well as have her child. But I did love the romance is this book and I did love Zane. I felt he really made this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.