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good story and characters

Demon Lore - Karilyn Bentley

Gin is an empath which means she has the ability to real people’s feelings and thoughts by touching them. She also shares a bond with her brother T. Gin is an E R nurse. Then one of Gin’s co-workers is assaulted. Then a strange silver bracelet with a mind of it’s own appears in Gin’s pocket urging her to put it on. Then things change and Gin is introduced to a sexy  guardian named Smyhte and his colleague . Gin also learns her bracelet: the Justilia was created to slay demons and she is now a Demon Slayer. Also there are demonic minions and certain guardians that want to see Gin dead. People show up by a portal to kill Gin.  Gin’s brother T encourages Gin to put on the bracelet so Gin does. Then Gin is kidnapped by a demon.

I liked this story a lot. The plot was very good and I really enjoyed the story. This also kept my attention from the beginning to end. I loved the twists and turns. Even though Sargon was a demon it made me snicker with his love of peanut butter. I loved the bond between Gin and T. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.