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good story and characters

Bite Somebody Else (Bite Somebody #2) - Sara Dobie Bauer

Imogene and Celia were at their favorite dive bar The Drift Inn and Celia was talking about her upcoming wedding. Celia and Imogene are vampires. Celia is pregnant by her human fiance. Ian. Celia was “ special” even for a vampire. Imogene was a blood dealer. Wharf was Imogene’s maker and her sex buddy as well as she sold blood to him. Imogene had met Wharf when she was twenty three and homeless in Miami. Imogene met the specialist Dr. Rayna Savage had called in about Celia- Nicholas . Imogene cut in while he was dancing with Dr. Savage . Imogene thought Nicky as she called him was handsome. But she didn’t trust him even if he was a vampire. Imogene had mixed emotions about Nicholas between really wanting to see him naked and really wanting to punch him in the face. Nicolas came to Imogene about buying blood and she asked Nicholas if he wanted to have sex  and Nicholas said he wasn’t interested in her. Imogene couldn’t figure it out guys were always interested in her since she was thirteen. Dr. Sawyer’s boyfriend Dean refused to let Nicholas stay any longer in their home once he learned “ Rain” and Nicholas had been lovers and Nicholas had painted the nude painting of the doctor in the house. Nicholas ended up moving in with Imogene as Ian and Celia didn’t have the room.

This was a good story. It had a slow beginning for me but once it got going I really enjoyed it. I chuckled at times while reading this. I liked the plot. I loved how Imogene was portrayed so opposite to Nicholas at least that side of Imogene  at first anyway. I like how she grew as the story went on. I loved how protective Imogene was of Ian and Celia. I also loved the way the baby was in Celia’s stomach and laughed and her first word was the f word she had learned from her future godmother and aunt Imogene. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.