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good story and characters

Not Another Rock Star (Hot Under Her Collar Book 3) - Amber Belldene

Suzannah/Suze is a young Episcopalian minister who is trying to get a food pantry going. Rushmore/Rush is a rock star who has been classically music trained and steps in to play the organ at church one Sunday even though he  hates church. Rush is hiding out from everyone : his band the media . Rush has been diagnosed with a disease and he is keeping that a secret from everyone even the band. Rush is in the process of trying a new treatment out. Rush is afraid he will go deaf and not be able to perform music anymore. At first Rush and Suze just don’t get along  as Suze has the memory that she had dated before and had been painfully dumped by a rock star. But there was an attraction between Suze and Rush right away. Suze tried to fight it at first but it didn’t work and she finally decided to let Rush  in.

I liked this story a lot but at times got a little confused. However this was well written and I liked the plot. I like how Rush encourages Suze  and how she was always there for him. This kept my attention and I did enjoy this book. But I did feel the ending was a little rushed but did not ruin the story for me. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.