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good story and characters

Island Idyll (A Sexy, Beach Romance Novella) (Bandicoot Cove) - Jess Dee

Sienna had been with Ben eight years and they were engaged. But Ben was married to his job and slowly Sienna seemed to mean less and less to Ben and she broke the engagement three months earlier. Kylie is Sienna’s friend and she mentions Sienna going to the soft opening of the new luxury resort called the Bandicoot Cove. While throwing seashells in the ocean Sienna decides to let go of the past and move on. While at the Cove Sienna runs into her HS crush- who she hasn’t seen in twelve years-Josh who is a tech expert there. Then Sienna discovers she still has a spark for Josh and this time round he was interested in her. Although she does find out most all of Josh’s HS fantasies included Sienna. But then Ben her ex fiance shows up at the island and wants to win Sienna back and become engaged again. But Sienna doesn’t want to just walk away from Josh.

I liked this story. It was a novella so a quick read. But it had a lot of action. I loved Josh  and how carefree he was and Ben for how sorry he was for taken Sienna for granted so much and that he had hurt her. I did like the plot but not too much into menage but understood here. I did wish was longer But I did like the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.