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great story and characters

Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series) - Suzanne Wright

Riley woke up with a horrible hangover from Tequila. Then she remember the Phoenix had thrown a birthday party for their head enforcer Tao. Riley had come to the pack six months ago for sanctuary with two orphaned shifter  - a cheetah cub who was two named Dexter and a viper who was four named Savannah.  Riley was a lone raven shifter who refused to give the Phoenix pack a reason she wasn’t with a flock. Even then and despite the fact she hadn’t accepted or decline their offer to join the pack. And still treated Riley like she was pack. Or most of them did. Riley rarely slept the whole night through. Then Riley realized she was sleeping next to Tao Lukas the head enforcer. Worse off the had sex and  a lot of it through the night and Tao didn’t even like Riley even though he may want her and acted possessive of her. Worse off Riley’s raven wanted Tao with a primitive intensity since Riley had met Tao. Tao was fearless, brutally blunt, action oriented and forceful. Tao had no time for patience or diplomacy. Riley admired Tao’s refusal to tailor his judgements to placate others. Riley had super bad judgement when it came to men. Riley told Tao they needed to forget the night before had ever happened and went into the bathroom Tao charged into the bathroom and told Riley she didn’t want to forget last night that she wanted to do it over and over and so did he. Tao also said he would not let Riley forget the night before. At first Tao didn’t like Riley but over time Riley had charmed both Tao and his wolf. And earned her respect with her wit, fearlessness, and the protectiveness she displayed for the young. Riley kept most people at an emotional distance. Tao knew Riley argued with him, snorted at him, challenged him, and poked him. Tao asked Riley to let him in just a little and lat what they had play out and she surprised Tao by saying okay. Riley’s uncles were having a surprise anniversary party shot for them by Riley’s flock  Riley’s good friend Lucy- was also the alpha’s daughter-  showed up to ask Riley to please attend as they uncles would be so happy then and Riley finally agreed but so did Tao. Lucy’s uncle’s- Ethan and Max- had mated before she was born but when her parents died when Riley was four and her uncles stepped right in to raise her. Riley had left her flock four years ago and hadn’t been back.

I loved this story and everything about it. A slightly different slant- a wolf shifter and a raven shifter being true mates also how Riley brought to the pack A cheetah cub and a young viper and all in one wolf pack and loved it. I missed sleep reading this story I just didn’t want to put this down. Two settings and I was done. Never lost my interest for a second. I enjoyed this and everything about it. I loved how Tao’s and Riley’s relation grew as time went on. I loved how the pack excepted Riley and Dexter and Savannah. There was nothing to complain about I have a new favorite shifter book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and action in this story and I highly recommend.