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good story and characters

Secrets of Southern Girls: A Novel - Haley Harrigan

Julie tells herself it’s not your fault she is dead. She had told herself this same thing for ten years. But it’s a lie and Julie knows it. Julie had just been in a scene in a workshop for actors and screenwriters that had hit close to home. Julia is a tour guide on a bus in NYC.  Julie has a daughter named Rebecca/Beck. Evan is Beck’s father who is an actor. Is in a private kindergarten paid for by her father. Julia feels Beck is poised and smart even at her young age. Julie’s best friend was Brighton. How long had Julie told herself acting would change her life. No more part time jobs ? Julie also teaches Yoga classes . Brighton is the only one of Julie’s college friends who chose her over her ex husband -Evan- after their divorce. Brighton used to be an actor but was a double major in college and had degrees in both drama and finance. He really seems to like the financial job he chose. Julia is thinking of Ruby again as she does most every day. Julia is with Brighton at a jazz club where Brighton’s boyfriend is in the band. Julie realizes that August is at the bar. This is the third time August has found her although he would have no way of knowing it. The most recent contact was the letter from six months ago. The email was the first attempt to contact Julie three months before the letter, Julie and August finally meet up and he asks for Ruby’s diary. Julie hadn’t even known Ruby kept a diary and then August convinces Julie to go back to Mississippi to see if they can find the diary.

I liked the story but I did get a little confused at times. It dragged some at times for me also. But I did enjoy reading the pages of Ruby’s diary. I like the plot and couldn’t wait to find out what really happened to Ruby. It did keep my attention all the way through the book. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.