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To Tame a Wild Lady: A Duke-Defying Daughters Novel - Ashlyn Macnamara

Lady Carolyn/Caro Wilde was the second daughter of the Duke of Sherrington. Since the kid Gus came to  Sherrington manor at the end of the school  term he had begged Caro for riding lessons. Gus was seven but wanted to jump the big hedges the way Caro did. Caro wants to join the next great hunt. Caro was determined to be allowed to ride in the male oriented sport of Hunting. Caro was not interested in gossip or drinking tea with other young ladies as was appropriate Gus’s father was married to Caro’s sister. Caro found Gus in a ditch but she was having problems lifting Gus out of the ditch. Then a man rode up named Adrian and said” it appears to me that you need my. help”. Then he realized one of the people in the ditch was a female and told her they had to get the boy to the manor and get a doctor. Caro was blaming herself when Lizzie- her sister said no one actually knew when Gus would wake up. Adrian was born out of wedlock but was raised with an education. Adrian’s mom was a tenant of Lord Wyvern and the Lord’s wife decided to take Adrian under her wing therefore he received an education he learned everything there was to learn about managing an estate ..  Adrian was hired to work for Caro’s father as the new estate manager as there had been a recent exposure that the  old manager was embezzling the family so then they had needed a new estate manager. Adrian was to get the estate back into good standing. Adrian feels they need to plant the fields. But Caro wants that land to work and train her horses .Caro’s father was in bed most of the time with one imaginary illness after another.  Adrian and Caro are attracted to each other. Caro had no plans of marriage or children.

I basically enjoyed this story for the most part, it just didn’t WOW me in any way.So I did have mixed feelings about it. It dragged some but not enough to make me want to stop reading. I liked Adrian’s character a lot but wasn’t crazy about Caro who to me was very self centered and selfish. Then all of a sudden she falls in love with Adrian even though they can’t publicly be together but will change herself completely for the man just didn’t sit right with me not realistic as far as I am concerned. This had a pretty good plot. I liked the ins and outs of the story but still had mixed feelings. I would have liked to rate this a 3.5.