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good story and characters

From London with Love: Rebellious Brides - Diana Quincy

Emilie’s wedding day was ruined for the second time in five years by Hamilton Sparrow. The wedding this time was to be the grand society wedding of an untitled heiress to a much admired grandson of a Duke, a promising diplomat who charmed everyone he met- the Honorable Edmund Worsley. But it was the image of another man that flashed before Emilie, another groom who had said the morning they were to have wed that he was sorry but he couldn’t marry her. Even though Sparrow was not there or so Emilie thought he was managing to ruin her wedding again. Emilie was determined to shove Hamilton’s memory out of her mind and into the past. Emilia told told herself she was just having wedding day nerves. Even if Edmund sometimes seemed to forget she existed not in a mean way but just like she was an afterthought.But at other times he gave her his full focus and mesmerized her with the promise of the adventures they would soon share. Emilie didn’t love Edmund but she was enchanted by the life he could offer her. Emilie loved to draw and paint. Emilie was her father’s only heir and to inherit a large fortune.  The marriage would give Emilie everything she wanted, escape from her boring country life , to keep her promise to her grandfather , and to avoid a long and lonely spinsterhood. She did respect and admire Edmund. Then Emilie heard a voice she recognized fro a long time ago- Hamilton or Sparrow as he was called, he stepped out and told Emilie she mustn’t go through with the wedding. Then Sparrow added he could not allow it . the Emilie told Sparrow she would not let him ruin another wedding for her. Then Sparrow just tossed Emilie over his shoulder . Hamilton Sparrow had been invited to the wedding but then he had seen Pierce Graves who was a hired killer at the wedding . Sparrow saw Graves track Emilia until she entered St. George’s. Sparrow had worked with Graves before in another life and recognized all the signs of a professional planning for his next kill. Sparrow wondered why Emilie but that would be after he got her to safety. Then Sparrow told Emilie there was a hired killer at her wedding. Sparrow was now Lord Vales. Sparrow takes Emilie to a cottage in a seaside village that he had inherited, Sparrow had been hurt by a woman and swore never to open his heart again and just to have casual sex. No relationships. The woman who broke Sparrow’s heart had been a spy who leaked valuable information to the French which ended with the capture, torture and deaths of a number of Sparrow’s men. Then Sparrow starts to get to really know Emilie and develops feelings for her but could Emilie forgive him for jilting her ?

I liked this story but found it to have something lacking for me. Maybe realizing who the villain is without any doubt. But I did really enjoy the story otherwise. I enjoyed the action and this had a good plot. I loved the ending. I didn’t want to put the book down until I found out why Emilie was wanted dead. This is fast moving. I liked the slow build up to the romance in this story. I did chuckle at times while reading this story. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of the story and I recommend.