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good story and characters

Tangled in Texas - Kari Lynn Dell

Delon woke up mad at the world. No difference than any other morning in the last four months. He had been hurt at the end of the best rodeo season Delon ever had. He had been trampled by a horse and his lung collapsed and his leg was messed up also. Delon was to see a new physical therapist. His sessions were getting to be very frustrating that only showed the lack of progress. Delon had a son with Violet named Beni. Delon and Violet weren’t together and he just let her do whatever she wanted to do as long as Beni was ok Violet had been Delon’s childhood friend and in his heart he wanted to get together with Violet and the three of them with their son Beni be a family. But she was involved with a rodeo man named Joe. Delon had to have his knee reconnected. Then a person from his past was to work with Delon her name was Tori Delon had been with Torin for five to six months. Ten she was gone without goodbye or anything. Tori was a rich girl and had walked on the other side. The voice- Tori’s voice- whispered through Delon’s memories for seven years. Delon had been one of the top bareback riders for years. Tori was sure she could be Delons therapist but she would do her best to be successful with him. Tori had been married but her husband died. Delon’s father owned Sanchez Trucking. Delon’s brother was leaving for North Dakota so Delon agreed to take his load so it didn't affect the business. Delon feels he is different and doesn’t even really like himself. Delon and Tori were taking the time to really getting to know each other and go slowly into a relationship.  

I liked this story . a lot. I liked Tori and Delon together and I rooted for them. I love how they slowly went into a relationship even though the attraction was still very strong.But they are taking time to get to know each other. I loved Shanee as a character and felt she added to the story. This did drag at times.at times. This did make me chuckle at times. It did get a little repetitive at times and a little confusing . But i really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.