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good story and characters

Yours and Mine: Freshman Forty #2 - Christine Duval

Laurel and Danny had a one night stand one year ago. Laurel had been up with Danny every summer for the last three years. Laurel was a couple years younger than Danny.   Then Laurel shows up on Danny’s doorstep  with a little girl that is Danny’s daughter. Laurel wants Danny to give up all his parental rights. But Danny wants to be in his daughter’s -Carolyn- life now that he know he has a daughter. Laurel ends up in court with Danny and the judge orders shared custody arrangement. Laurel has a player on/off again boyfriend. She isn’t close to her father and her mother died when she was a preteen. Laurel is secretive and withdrawn. Laurel has difficulty in sharing her feelings or recognizing feelings in other people. Danny has been working a full time job for a long time and was now working on his Master's degree in Homeland Security.

I like this book a lot. I liked the plot. But I felt Laurel was selfish and immature. This was fast paced and kept my attention. But I would have liked more background. This was a quick enjoyable read. I liked the characters a lot and loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.