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good story and characters

Cowboy Pride - Anne McAllister

Brenna was widowed and pregnant and she returned home to her father’s ranch. Her father had a stroke and Breena had to help him and with the ranch. Jed is raising his ten year old nephew Tuck. But he also had to prove to the authorities he is the best thing for Tuck. It is suggested that Tuck take art classes as he is very talented. Brenna misses her husband he was her best friend but she hadn’t loved him. Brenna had always loved her teenage love Jed.  Breena had left to become a famous artist. Jed never let anyone else touch his heart after Brenna. Even though Jeb had ended the relationship ten years ago. Jed doesn’t want to see Brenna. Brenna started giving Tuck private art lessons. Tuck loves Brenna and thinks she needs a husband and and his uncle Jed should be the man she marries it would help them all. Jed does ask Brenna to marry him and surprisingly she accepts.

I liked this story a lot. The plot was good as was the writing . I loved Brenna and Jed together and rooted them on. I loved Tuck and felt he really added to the story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.