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Chest of Bone (The Afterworld Chronicles) - Vicki Stiefel

Clea was an F BI investigator and Empath. Dave was Clea’s mentor, friend, and only father figure Clea had ever known. When Clea got to the Mid Borough Feed & Seed- Dave’s store. There was a sense of wrongness. Clea felt if anyone had hurt Dave they were toast. Dave whispered Clea’s name but she did hear him and found him covered in blood from dozens of cuts slashed his legs, his arms. His torso and face. Then Dave told her he was a guardian her guardian. Dave told her to take the Storybook , green cover, she had bit. Then Clea found the book. Dave must have been in his twenties when he took Clea on as his project. Clea never knew why. He was a merry man. His tattoos fascinated Clea. He made up stories about his tattoos to entertain a kid starved for attention. Dave read to Clea for hours. Bernadette was Clea’s foster mother.

I didn’t care for this story. There was just too much going on I just was into the book about 10 percent and didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t get into the writing style and finally gave up. I’m sure someone will have more patience than me and love this book.