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Willow Born - Shanna Reed Miles

Collette is sure she died . There was a fire and she could feel life and her soul slipping away. Then the urge to breath hit her. And connects brain and lungs to mouth to swallow cold and dirty water and realizes she is drowning. Electricity rages in her chest, throat and scrapes at her brain. Then Collette realizes she is too exhausted to put her shields up.Collette is an Empath. All Collette’s life she could see emotions and she could also feel them. Then Collette realizes she will run out of time before she reaches land. Then Collette feels someone close and hears “ hold on”. Then Collette gets knocked in the face with a life preserver and the man yells for her to hold on to the life preserver and he will pull her in. Once in a house the man she feels calm with and nicknames “ Mr. Familiar” grazes her arm when he hands her some black tea with lemon and a shock of electricity Then the man says his name is Matt Collette had been almost eight years old before she had learned to create a mental block  that shielded her from people’s emotions. Then a door slams and Matt tells her to stay there no matter what she heard not to go upstairs. Then Collette hears Raphael in her head. Then Matt says he almost shot Colette’s cousin. Then Collette asked Matt if he could see Raphael as most of the time he appears to Collette as a shifty eyed tabby cat and all the time she is the only one that can see Raphael. Then Raphael gave Collette an excuse and says “dad knows you have were in his special liquor cabinet after bible study”. Raphael is Colette’s imaginary friend at least she thought he was imaginary. Then Raphael has cleaned Matt’s memory but said he did let Matt remember Collette Then Raphael gets one of the guys to drive them and cleared his mind also. The Raphael said they were going to Collette’s new home. Raphael agreed Collette had in fact died. Then he told Collette her mother was dead she  had been for a long time. The Raphael said it was his job to get Collette settled again. Raphael said he had always been and that some called him a familiar but her mom called him friend. When Collette asked what was wrong with her Raphael said she had been apart from her body for quite awhile that there will be things she knows nut has no memory of learning and others that will just be new to her. Then they come to a grand house and they sat on the steps. Raphael said Collette had always known she was special. Her mom knew it and it scared her . She had styled Collette . Then Raphael said to go in the house he wanted to give Collette a tour of   the house before he left and reminded Collette he could not stay. Raphael was never in human form very long . Then Raphael said it was not his place to tell her who she was that there were others who were better equipped for it then he was and then he handed her a folded and yellow envelope with her mother’s handwriting on it. On the inside of the envelope it said “ Get thee to church - Mama” . Then Raphael was gone. Then Summer who was the niece of her lawyer came to pick Collette up and introduce her her uncle Silas who was counsel to the supernatural . Raphael had left the gloves which were Collette’s armor. Skin to skin contact was too intense for Collette. The next day Summer came to take Collette to school and Matt comes up to Summer and asked for an introduction to Collette. Then Collette gets a peer advisor. Named Qutey. Collette shadows Qutey and ended up assigned to a project with Carlos. Qutey and Carlos and Collette and they had to investigate a  local mystery.

I didn’t really care for this book. It dragged for me. I just didn’t find it very interesting and had a problem with it keeping my attention. I also found this a little confusing, this just wasn’t for me.