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Good Story and Characters

The Irredeemable Prince (Royal Affairs) - Alyssa J. Montgomery

King Gabriel stormed that his brother's behavior had to stop -Prince Devereaux /Dev. King Gabriel had trade dealings with Middle Eastern nations in two weeks . the leaders of these nations placed the utmost importance on strong family values. The trade deals will have a far reaching impact on employment and wealth of their kingdom. Since Eden their  older sister had been murdered Dev had gone from reprehensible to almost irredeemable. Gabe had never got over the death of his pregnant wife Angelique and swore never to marry again. He told his brother Dev he would have to produce the next heir to be king or queen of their country. Then Gabe told Dev he had hired an image consultant for Dev. MacKenzie/ Mac was to be Dev’s consultant and he didn’t want anything to do with changing his image but he did MacKenzie and even though she said no her body said she wanted him too. But Mac had fallen for a playboy just like Dev when she was eighteen they had been engaged and he was like Dev a playboy and she had caught Dev cheating on her.

I liked this story a lot. I was glad that Dev wasn’t the playboy he portrayed himself to take down a drug selling family . But it sure played havoc with Mac. I loved Mac’s little girl Eliza she definitely added to this. story and I chuckled a lot over her escapades. I was happy when Mac found out the truth about Grayson. All and all a good read i loved the plot. I also loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.