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Good Story and Characters

A Perfect Manhattan Murder (A Nic & Nigel Mystery) - Tracy Kiely

Nicole/Nic was a former NYC homicide detective who was married to a wealthy playboy- well used to be playboy-. Named Nigel and they had a dog a pit massive named Skippy who went just about everywhere with them. The couple is at a Broadway opening of play written by a college friend- Penny- 0f Nic’s.  Also they went to dinner with another college friend of nics named Harper and her husband Dan. Dan was Broadway’s  toughest theater critic. Then the two couple’s go to the post show celebration at Fletcher Irving’s home who was the producer of the play. Dan acts up there and says he is going to the apartment where he does his work as he uses as an office.  Next morning Dan is found dead he had been poisoned.  and Harper in the police’s prime subject even though Harper was home with hers and Dan’s infant child. Nic and Nigel are determined to clear Harper’s name. Nic and Nigel have more suspects then they can follow up everyone seemed to hate Dan.

I liked this this story a lot. I liked the plot. I chuckled while reading this even though it involved a murder. This was an easy quick read. It also had a fast pace. I absolutely loved Skippy in this book I feel he definitely added to the story. This also had a fast pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.