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Good Story and Characters

Enforcer (The Harrison Street Crew) - Katana Collins

Ryan is the Enforcer for the Harrison Street Crew and handles anything he has and needs to. Megan is a tough girl but has a big heart. She is the daughter of a former Street Crew member. Megan and Shannon were sisters and had a bad childhood with a drug addicted mother- Cindy who had a drug selling boyfriend Rodney who had no problems touching underage girls. Megan was the older sister and protected Shannon from Rodney’s unwanted advances. Megan and Shannon’s father was Donald “ Boots” Mahoney and Ryan at that time had a mission to monitor the girl’s daily activities. Boots was President of the Harrison Street Crew and Ryan at that time was a member. When Megan was sixteen Boots had finally learned enough to get his two daughters out of Cindy’s home. Ryan was there when they got out of the home. Ryan made a promise to Megan to help her get revenge. Ryan was now the Enforcer of The Harrison Street Crew. Ryan always put his crew brother first. Ten years later and Megan was back to have Ryan keep his promise to help her. Ryan had secretly loved Megan since she was a teen but out of respect for Boots did nothing about it and turned away from Mega. But now had to protect her because of his feelings for her. Megan had loved Ryan for a long time also.

This was one emotionally twisting story. I  liked this a lot but it was really dark at times when talking about Megan’s and Shannon’s childhood. I cringed as Megan’s and Shannon's past was told. I had never read about a car crew before but have read a lot of  MC stories and loved them. This was gritty and raw but had to be for the story being told. This had a good plot and a lot to it such as : child abuse, violence, addiction, murder,, street crews, a thirst for revenge. Love and so much more. I didn’t like it when Ryan was a butt to Megan. At times this story made me smile and at others it brought tears to my eyes. I liked the twists and turns of this book and I recommend.