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You Will Pay - Lisa Jackson

Twenty years ago there was a camp called Camp Horseshoe , it was run and owned by Rev, Jeremiah and his second wife Naomi.The camp was a religious summer camp.  There were nineteen teen counselors. Two went missing- Elle and Monica and were never seen again. Also a male teen counselor had been stabbed in the back and seriously injured and another worker Clint had also disappeared. And an escaped prisoner that had been in the area and disappeared.The counselors had disappeared on different days.  The camp closed after the teens had disappeared. Lucas and Elle had been dating when she disappeared.Lucas had worked at the camp that summer so long ago.  Several teen counselors ked by Mary Jo had tried to put the fear of God into Monica. The teen counselors hooked up and played pranks and had secrets. Then twenty years later a partial skull had been found and this reopened the case of the teen counselors who had never been seen again.Lucas is now a Detective and he and his partner will be working the cold case. Lucas was the son of Jeremiah who had been the camp owner. Kinley had been a camper at the camp in Monica’s cabin when she had went missing. Now Kinley is a blogger and thinks she has the story that will launch her into a reporter’s career. She starts calling the people who had been counselors twenty years ago when she heard remains had been found. Seven of the people who had been teen counselors came back to tell the story from their point of view. A lot of counselors had not been entirely honest twenty years ago and now they just wanted the truth to be known.

I liked the story but had mixed feelings about it. Definitely not one of Ms Jackson best. There was just too many stories and characters in this book. I also didn’t really like switching back and forth between  past and present.but that did bring forth information that was needed. This felt a little rushed to me even with the fast pace included. I did like the plot. It had a surprise ending. Things were repeated that didn’t need to be as far as I am concerned. This was also a little hard to follow at times. There was a lot in this story: lies, betrayal. Pregnancy, violence, deception, murder, deception, incest,secrets and much more in this story. I  did like the book and liked most of the ins and outs but as I said did have mixed feelings.