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good story and characters

Positively Pippa (The Ghost Falls Series) - Sarah Hegger

Pippa boards a plane from LA going to Ghost Falls, Utah. where her eccentric grandmother Phi/ Philomena is. Grandma Phi had been a world famous opera singer known for her quirkiness and love of life. Pippa is the woman America loves to hate. Her tv show was quickly taken off the air and she no longer had a job. Pipa’s supposed boyfriend/producer Ray - You Tubes latest sensation- had edited the tape of Pippa’s show before airing it. The tape showed Pippa calling her grey haired guest fat, ugly, and unwanted. Pippa was suppose to making the guest over as Pippa hosted a makeover show. After the show Ray was sure pippa’s popularity would nose dive and make his tv ratings quickly go up. No one in in Hollywood stood up for Pippa and tell the truth.  Ironically enough Pippa had felt safe with Ray. Matt does not believe Pippa said those exact words. As they were portrayed to Pippa’s guest. Matt has known Pippa since they were kids. Whenever Pippa came home for a visit they would circle around their attraction but didn’t do anything about it. Matt and Pippa have a steamy affair as she tries to resurrect her career on Twitter. When Pippa left Ghost Falls right after HS at eighteen Matt didn’t go instead he stayed behind to take care of his family after a tragedy. Matt gave up his own personal happiness to take care of his family. Matt is now a contractor and Grandma Phi’s friend. Then Pippa is offered the chance to go back to LA and continue her career.

I basically loved this book. I only had one problem with it as I felt there was just too many side stories. This didn’t make me stop reading the story but it did steal a bit of my enjoyment. I loved Grandma Phi and felt she added a lot to this book.  I also loved Matt and the way he willingly took care of his family. I loved Matt and Pippa together and was rooting for them. This was an easy read and made me chuckle at times. This story kept my interest all through it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.