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Great Story and Characters

The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One - Christie M. Stenzel

Emmy’s mother Emmeril took her own life when Remy was twelve. Then her sister Makayla is missing without a trace soon after. At eighteen Remy is given a necklace her mother had always wore . Remy also finds out about her roots and she learns she is one of the seven varieties of Occuli  also her social standing which is told by the color of the Occui’s eyes. Each has a variety of powers which can affect others but also the elements around them. Then her cousin Ruby gives her a protector named  Zian as a birthday present. Remy’s aunt and cousin will take on Remy’s training now that she is eighteen.Remy had been having dreams about Zian for a long time. Then Remy meets the new boy in town  - Drake and is startled by his eyes. Drake is a Reaper. Remy has little time to figure out who she can trust .

I loved this story , it was a great read. It had a great plot and writing. This was a very original but successful story. It was fast paced and very in depth. This story had a lot to it: humor, romance, adventure, excitement, suspense, magic, a Reaper, trust, destiny, twist and turns, loss, a protector, mystery, intrigue, hidden worlds, and danger. I was surprised by the ending but it did pull everything together. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend.