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Good Story and Characters

Run For The Hills - Carla Caruso

Birdie got a pic of her fiance that wasn’t very nice on the wedding day Birdie then goes on the run. Her ex fiance  was a multimillionaire hotelier and the media was going crazy with the story of Birdie the runaway bride and they were all looking to get a pic of Birdie the runaway bride.” . When Birdie ran she left her job, her family, her friends behind. Birdie ran to a small town  and gets a job at Gold lake Manor as a marketing director/receptionist for a wedding venue. There are a set of triplets who are running the venue and have to keep it going for a month per their dad’s will or it would become a dog kennel. The triplets were Cody, Vance, and Jaxon. Cody is actually a LA Paparazzi and couldn’t wait to get back. Of course Birdie is attracted to Cody  who could blow her cover and they start seeing each other but did so in secret.  

This was a good story and I really enjoyed it. This had a good plot and had  great writing. It was a short story but did not lack anything. This made me chuckle at times. I did find the end predictable but still enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.