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Good Story and Characters

Amish Brides - Jennifer Beckstrand, Molly Jebber, Amy Lillard

The Reluctant Groom:

Annie encouraged matches , she felt young men she be married before they made nuisances of themselves. Ester told Annie  it wasn’t her responsibility and Annie told her daughter  who else would make the matches  if she didn’t Annie’s husband Telly said “ if t wasn’t for your mamm half of Berduel would still be single”. Then Suvie came to Annie’s house and said she needed help finding a husband. Suvie said she couldn’t cook and that’s why she needed Annie’s help as every man wanted his wife to be able to cook, Suvie had three proposals but she wants to care/love the man not marry someone she cringes at when they are in the same room. Then Suvie said she had fallen in love with their great grandson Aaron Beachy.

Joshua’s Bride:

Madeline was happy whenever she was with Joshua and Joshua had just proposed and Joshua’s brother Nathaniel had fallen in love with Madeline’s sister Catherine but Catherine had left Nathaniel and the Amish without saying a word. So Joshua’s parents had not wanted Joshua to propose as they were afraid Madeline would also leave and break Joshua’s heart. But Joshua went ahead and asked the Bishop to marry them in June. The Bishop agreed after talking to Joshua for a few minutes. Then Catherine came back long enough to drop her daughter off to Madeline without even naming her as she didn’t want to be attached to the baby. Knowing Joshua’s family’s disdain would be even worse now Madeline broke the engagement even though it broke her and Joshua’s heart she now had to raise Ruthie as her father and her had named the baby after Madeline and Catherine’s mother. Mary would die an old maid who still loved Joshua.

A Summer Wedding In Paradise:

Reba was replacing the teacher as she was getting ready to marry;s Reba;s brother. Reba got up late this morning and then and to top it off her brother liked to play tricks on Reba and took the dress she put out to wear outside all night and it had rained all night. And Reba was behind on her laundry so Reba touched up a dress she had wore a couple of days earlier. Then she had to leave to walk to  the school. Then A buggy was approaching quickly and the man had no control of his horse and ran Reba off the road and she fell into a ditch now she was covered in mud and gook and had badly hurt her ankle and Reba could barely walk on it. Reba got to the school and sent her oldest niece to get a dress for her to change into. There was a stranger at the school to do some repairs especially on the roof when it rained as it leaked. Then it turned at the man at the school was the one who ran her off the road. Then it turns out Reba’s ankle was broken and she wasn’t ready to forgive the man Abel  was also do some work for her brother.

I really loved the first two stories and liked the third one a lot but it left you hanging a little on a couple of things.  But the stories were all really good . The plots were good.  I think everyone can pretty much find at the very least one of the stories to ;like a lot. These stories are well written, I loved the characters and the ins and outs of the stories and I recommend.