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Good Story and Characters

Mistake No.7 - Laura P Avery

Rebecca/Becca wondered if Professor Crane was an authoritative in bed. Becca wanted to know if his expression changed when he made love. Becca had a good social life and a lot of friends and Becca dated on a regular basis. Becca’s best friend was Tess and told her it wasn’t the romance books Rebecca read that made her pick the wrong men to date or care for. Professor Crane- Rick was very interested in Rebecca but there was an no dating students policy in the all girl college Rick taught at. Rick felt Rebecca outshone all the other female students just by being herself. Rick’s parents had died two years ago and he and his sister Hannah had inherited wealth and now his parents lawyer now theirs was Hannah’s and Rick’s rock. Rick was refurbishing the home his parents shared. But they also had rental property to deal with. Rick loved his sister but she was overprotective, overbearing, and a pain in the butt especially if Rick ever brought someone to meet her. Jess had set Becca up on a blind date with Ben who just wasn’t what Becca was looking for. Rick called a maid service and it was the job Becca had just been hired for. Becca became Rick’s maid.

A good read . This was a short story but very entertaining. It didn’t lack anything. I did think the relationship was a bit rushed. And the story is predictable but i still enjoyed and really liked this. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.