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The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) - Heather McCollum

Cullen Duffie, the new MacDonald is determined to prove he’s not like his father and that his grandfather didn’t make a mistake in picking him over his uncles in being the next chief. He’s determined to protect his clan against the English that want to overrun them. One morning, after a terrible storm, he finds a woman has washed ashore. When she comes to, she has no memory of who she is and what she’s running from. Cullen must decide if she’s worth going against his clan to save her or if he should just give her up and turn her over.
This book captured me right from the beginning. The story really pulled me in. I loved both Cullen and “Rose”. I loved how Rose’s identity slowly unraveled but none of it mattered to Cullen. The interactions between him and his cousins, Errol and Broc where hilarious. They had me laughing out loud as I read them. I can’t wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book