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great story and characters

The Irish Prince - Virginia Nelson

Chelsea had tried four times in the last month to submit her letter of resignation but then her boss Aidan reminded Chelsea that she was under contract. The man drove her crazy, had been driving her crazy for years. Every time Chelsea quit Aidan somehow managed to get her to take back her resignation and had convinced her to stay. But Chelsea was determined to quit this time no matter what Aidan Kelly said or did. Aidan just found out he had a ten year old daughter - Waverly- by a model Margo he had been with for a short time. All Margo wanted was money but Aidan said he wanted to get to know his daughter and then have visitation Waverly wanted to be a geologist when she grew up and really wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and Margo suggested he take Waverly there to start off. Especially as he was a control freak. Chelsea knew men like Aidan only liked women like her brain and for the ability to problem solve and deal with tricky situations. Chelsea was attracted to Aidan and Aidan now wants Chelsea to go to the Grand Canyon with him and Waverly. Waverly also wants that also. But this only spells trouble for Chelsea. Also she had given her two week notice and needed to interview and train someone to take her place when she left. But when at the Grand Canyon. Aidan and Chelsea slept together and Aidan tells Chelsea he wants her while one night tour of the canyon and Waverly comes up missing for a brief time and Aidan blames Chelsea by distracting him.

This was an excellent read. But also a short read but lacking nothing and I loved it. I loved Waverly and she definitely added to this story. Also the stray cat. I loved how Chelsea knew how to make things ok for Aidan and had a serious crush on him for a long time and how Aidan realized just how much Chelsea really means to him. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.