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Good Story and Characters

The Sweetheart Kiss - Cheryl Ann Smith

Jess was in a wedding she didn’t want to be in with a bride she didn’t like at all and had a headache the minute she put the very ugly bridesmaid dress over her head. Jess wanted alcohol and she had some at the bottom of her tote she had three minutes she just had to get rid of the groomsman # three. Jess knew she needed alcohol to get through Mandy’s wedding. Jess had just been through  health scare but it had ended in good news. Outside of work Jess had kinda going along without a purpose. Her social life was boring and she hadn’t had an adventure in a very long time. After the scare Jess decided it was time to start living Jess hated Mandy at one time they had been friends but then Mandy had slept with Jess’s HS boyfriend- Darren-of two years. Then while walking down the aisle  the groomsman ahead of Jess had been shot. Jess tried to stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrived. Then Detective Sam Wheeler took her to the bride’s suite to be questioned. Sam allowed Jess to change but saw her change because of a mirror. Sam couldn’t help but look and was now aroused as he felt Jess was hot. Jess worked for Brash & Brazen who were the pit bull of the P I trade. One of their P I’s had solved a case Sam was heading at the time. Then they discovered that if the flower girl hadn’t dropped her basket and stopped Jess would have been the one shot. When Jess stopped at the office Sam was already there and had talked to Jess’s boss but her boss wouldn’t make Jess stay away from the case then Jess found a knife in her tire and Sam pulled it out and kept it for evidence in the case and though Sam hated to agree with Jess keeping her close would help close the case since Jess was the person the shooter was after. Then Jess’s apartment was set on fire luckily Jess woke up as the fire detector had not worked. But then they found the batteries had been taken out. She ended up staying with Sam at his house. Then Jess got a dog from the pound who weighed about one hundred and fifty pounds but wasn’t a guard dog but she hoped the dog would scare off the sniper. Then her boss Irving was shot by the sniper. Jess was very angry and even though Irving was alive and had only been shot in his leg Jess loved him like a father /grandfather and someone would pay. Sam is attracted to Jess and even if Jess doesn’t like Sam she does think he is hot.

This was a very good story and I really enjoyed reading this. It did drag a little but still kept reading as it definitely kept my attention all though the story. This was a little predictable but still a good story. I loved that this story had a mystery as well as romance. I also liked the plot a lot. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.