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The Final Vow (A Living History Museum Mystery) - Amanda Flower

Krissie dreamed about being a June bride and Krissie got what she wanted. Kelsey had met Krissie one year ago. Kelsey had a notebook that deleted all the things she needed to do in every aspect of her life from running the Barton Farm - a living history museum to raising her six year old son Hayden. Kelsey had learned in the last three months planning Krissie’s wedding that it was always better to collect herself before she responded. Benji was Kelsey’s assistant and he told Krissie all would be fine at her wedding and there would be Civil War reenactors and even Abe Lincoln. Kelsey was surprised when Benji said that  Kelsey could meet him tomorrow.  Krissie was marrying Kelsey’s ex husband. Other than raising her son, saving Barton Farm and all that it could teach people about the past Kelsey’s life mission. Laura’s theory was Krissy stole Kelsey’s ex husband Eddie now she was after Kelsey’s life work. Eddie had  an affair with a married woman when he was with Kelsey. Kelsey’s best friend and farm employee within  was Laura. Laura was always dramatic. Eddie had hired Krissie as a physical therapist at his P T practice and then they started dating. Krissie was eight years younger than Eddie  and as far as Kelsey was concerned Krissie could have Eddie. Kelsey tries to figure people out. There had been murders on the farm grounds and Kelsey almost lost the farm and her son over them. Kelsey’s boyfriend was Chase . Kelsey’s mom died when she was a teen. Kelsey was the director of the farm and had been for the last four years. Someone had signed a directive to the gardener and signed Kelsey’s name and she wasn’t happy about it.

I just couldn’t connect with this story.It did also drag for me. It also didn’t really hold my attention, I am sure others will love this. This story just wasn’t for me.