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Good Story and Characters

When Danger Bites - Heather Long

Jasper/Jax was a captain in the Marines and was riding his motorcycle back to his base after being on leave. He was on his way  back to the base. Jax sees a woman in uniform at the side of the road with a flat tire. Jax offered his help to change the tire at first   Kat said no then there was an agreement for her to buy  lunch. Kat has been sent to infiltrate the Bravo team but to act as if she is trying to train in  The higher ups wants to now The Bravo team’s secrets as the have an uncanny success rate with no casualties of any sort. What most people don’t know is that the whole Bravo team are werewolves from different packs that have an agreement with the government officials and by serving their company they also keep their pack safe as well as their secret.  Kat is excited to get to train with Bravo team. When Jax gets to base he immediately goes to his general and is told he had to wash Kat out. Jax is very attracted to Kat but he is over her and the leader of the Bravo team and he is over her in rank as well as the man she answers is over her in rank.  Kat is at the Bravo team under cover . Jax is very attracted to Kat and he to her but she can’t take the chance of being kick out of the service. Kat is very attracted,to Jax but doesn’t want to be kicked out of the service for breaking the rules. Jax wants Kat also,

This was a good story. I liked the plot  I liked Jax and Kat together. I loved the way Bravo team was together even though they were from different pacts. I liked how it showed how it showed how being in the service can be. liked how Kat had integrity and respected the rules of service life even though it can end a relationship with the man she loved. All and all a very good story I enjoyed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.