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Payback - Christina Phillips

Amelia/Amy had taken a job at a bar Odin’s. Amy’s dad had been dead ten years but it still crushed her when she thought about it. Guys always seem to think that Amy was dumb until she put them straight. But this time she would take it if it helped. Her bring down the man who was behind the murder of her dad. Amy reminded herself about one hundred times since Rex told her about one week ago about this job, this is a once in a lifetime a chance for payback. Until Amy  was thirteen she grew up around  tough bikers she thought they were a part of her extra family [ Silver Wolves M C ]. Since leaving school Amy had several part time job of waitressing during the day and tending bar at night and occasionally fast food. Aidan has owned Odin.s for five years and keeping the books up to date drives him nuts. Gage has a no screwing  the  staff rule for everyone. Gage  sees Amy and feels he has to fire her. Any girl that can get him hard just by  looking at her. Has to go. Amy had given a guy the eye and it turns out unfortunately it’s her new boss Gage was the son of the man- Axel Reynolds- who killed her dad. Rex told her the Viking Bastards - M C. are involved in large scale gun distributors and since Amy’s dad was put inside for handling illegal weapons for the wolves , it’s a trigger so all Amy needs is proof she can pass to Rex and he can let  his police contact Gage turns Amy on just by being near. Gage was everything I never wanted in a guy since she was thirteen. Gage and Amy end up in the apartment above the bar and she decided to kiss Gage and be alone with him. But Gage said it wasn’t more than just a kiss for him. Amy said it didn’t matter what she wanted. A kiss was all  he would get. Amy had been the daughter of the Silver Wolves Enforcer . Amy loved writing stories that crowds her head and fall in love with guys who’re never going to break her heart or crush her world. Gage’s older brother Zach said he had seen Rex Abbott hanging around outside Odin’s earlier that night. For ten years the Wolves and the Bastards had been allies Gage was fifteen when Rex’s father was President for the Silver Wolves and ordered Gage’s dad murdered while he was in prison. There was bad blood between Rex’s father and Gage’s family and Rex was crazy. Gage showed up at Mama’ Coco the diner where Amy worked. I was rooting for Amy and Gage. I loved the way their romance was built and I felt bad the way Gage handled  her being who she was. I just loved this story. I loved the ending.  I loved how Gage’s brother stood by him and Amy’s sister stood by her. This choked me up at times and made me chuckle at times. I loved the characters and all the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.