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Wondering Sight (The Extraordinaries Book 2) - Melissa McShane

Sophia is an Extraordinary - one of the few people who have strong magical abilities. She is a Seer and cam put herself into dreams which show her future events. She also gets visions where she can see the past and future. Sophia is a widow who has been working for the War Office but then her Seer power caused her to expose a powerful man- Lord Endicott. He managed to escape but also cause doubt on Sophia’s talent   and she was let go of at the War Office but the reason was kept quiet. Somehow word got out that Sophia was unreliable. So Sophia went back to England  and is staying with her best friend Cecy and her husband. Lord Endicott followed Sophia back to England and is either harassing Sophia or  engaging in a different criminal enterprise. Endicott enjoys taunting Sophia at social gatherings. All Sophia wants is revenge. Sophia cares deeply for her family and friends and her principles. Sophia goes in dream after dream to find something to prove Endicott is a criminal. Cecy and her new friend daphne worry about Sophia. Then Mr. Rutledge wants to hire Sophia for Seer work and seems to be there when she needs help. Daphne is a Bounder who can teleport from one place to another as long as she knows the place Lady Daphne is always ready for a challenge.  Endicott is now involved with forging money. Sophia collapses because of her frequent going into dreams. Sophia definitely has a tendency toward pride and obsession. Sophia has to decide how far she will go to get her revenge against Lord Endicott.

I didn’t really care for this story. I couldn’t seem to really get into it. I sometimes got frustrated with the story. I didn’t like how Sophia treats her best friend cecy. I also didn’t particularly like all the action being in Sophia’s  mind. Just not the same. The romance really wasn’t until towards the end of the book and it seemed rushed.