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Great Story and Characters

Eternal Reign - Melody Johnson

Dominic was the Master Vampire of NYC. Cassidy nearly lost him last week and she actually preferred her life with Dominic in it. Cassidy had completely lost the protection and mental strength of her night blood. Cassidy hadn’t seen Dominic in five nights not since he entranced his name from her mind and confirmed her worst suspicions that she was no longer a night blood. Meredith had been at  Cassidy’s  when Dominic showed up and Cassidy went on the rooftop to talk to him but when Cassidy went back downstairs Cassidy was gone. Cassidy had several messages from her boss Carter there had been a murder and Meredith had already left to go to the sight waiting for Cassidy but taking her pictures while she waited. As Cassidy was about to leave there was a knock at the door it was Ronnie who she had met when she went to upper N Y and Ronnie had been turned into a vampire against her will. But she looked really bad. Ronnie said her and the others that had been forcibly turned did not know how to use mind control and were starving. Cassidy knew the others also - Logan, Keagan, Theresa, and Jeremy but they needed to learn mind control from someone. But at least Ronnie gave her back Dominic's name. Without night blood Cassidy had no longer had the potential to transform into a vampire. Cassidy no longer had the quality that Dominic held in high esteem he had planned to use as leverage during the Leveling: the one night every seven years that he lost his strength and abilities as Master Vampire to his potential successor allowing a new master to rise to take his place. Without the night blood  she couldn’t help him survive the coming battle to keep control of his coven. Cassidy’s best friend Meredith and wing woman at the Sun Accord where they worked. Nathan was her brother and had been monosyllabic and near bulimic since returning to the city. Cassidy hoped Nathan might keep his food down this time. Then they  could gradually introduce warm food and protein back into his diet but no such luck. Yet Nathan had said “ It probably would be best to answer the door of your own will ”,  then he added “ he’ll make it worse for you otherwise”. If Cassidy didn’t open the door Dominic probably would force her to grant him entrance. Five days and Nathan could not keep anything down but water. Cassidy had a bad relationship with her ex Adam. But if Cassidy didn’t think of something she’ll have to saved Nathan from being damned for nothing to lose him to starvation. Nathan and Cassidy were anything but normal sibling. Night blood ran in their family genes and Nathan was no exception. Unfortunately they had discovered their heritage separately and attempted to stop the rebel vampires in New York without telling each other. Dominic was Cassidy ally but that didn’t change who and what he was Dominic had forged a metaphysical bond between them and would have died saving her brother without the linking of their life forces. To survive they needed Jillian the vampire who had turned Nathan into being into being damned to take the fall for exposing vampires. As the Day Reapers will come. The day reapers were members of the council - the governing body who rules the Master Vampires ruling their coven. Their law was final and breaking the law was a death sentence.  A night blood transfers into a vampire in three days but on rare occasions when it takes longer a Day Reaper is born. They are more powerful, more adept at mind control, and have heightened sources of abilities that other vampires don’t have including the ability to tolerate sunlight making them perfect judges, and executioners of vampire kind. At least Cassidy knew Dominic's name again.

This was an excellent read. I really enjoyed it. All the ups and downs Dominic and Cassidy went through. I loved how three of Dominic's coven stayed loyal to him no matter how weak he got. I also loved how Meredith and Cassidy were co workers but also best friends.I loved how Cassidy stood by Nathan and did whatever she had to for him. But Nathan also stood by her and did whatever he could. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the end because it was a kind of a cliffhanger in a way. But for some reason it didn’t ruin the story for me and that happens very very rarely!!! So I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.