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The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox (2014-11-06) - Rebecca Jaycox

Reggie had been meeting the man for three nights. He said she was the key part to his cause but he would not tell his name when she asked or give her any answers. Tonight he told her he was there to help her with changes she will be going through and to help her understand her place. Then he brought up how she felt when she brought the frog back to life with her touch. An old man is telling Asher that he is demanding payment in full. That he had taken Asher out of the house for his own, educated him, saved him from the Pits that are for traitor’s children. Without the old  man Asher would be wasting away in a mine waiting to die. The man Asher calls Master agrees that if Asher can complete the task he and his family will be free and a place would be made for them in society. The old man or master was Andrius Drake, Master of the Mages Council and head of the Military of Two Cities wasn’t known for his mercy. Asher was given a locket with a picture of a young woman in it about the same age as Asher. Adrius wants Asher to find her, observe her and when the time is right, bring her through the barriers to him. Arlene was Reggie’s mother and an alcoholic and sinking more into her alcoholism. John was Reggie’s friend and she wanted to show him that she could bring a dead beetle back to life something she could all of a sudden do like when she brought the frog back. John asked why she hadn’t said anything before. Reggie said she was scared and didn’t  understand what was happening to her. Reggie loved learning but the people at school didn’t like that she was different. Reggie laid down  after school and found herself again talking to the man. He told her that she straddled two worlds and the other world was showing it’s face. Then he asked if she remembered anything of her father. The man told her that her father wasn’t from her world and wasn’t suppose to come over to hers but he had always been  too curious and very powerful.  Her father’s name was Sebastian. The man was Rhys  and was her guardian. He is to offer her guidance and protection, to teach her. Sebastian and Rhys had been best friends Only in the sleep realm Rhys felt secure enough to speak to her as Rhys was afraid he’d be caught. Reggie wanted to know why anyone would want to hurt her and Rhys said her powers that were finally coming into being. One could sense magic if they knew what  to look for. He told Reggie she had inherited her father’s magic , his ability to draw power from the earth. Then Rhys told Reggie she was in danger and needed to come to him. There are some doorways between the worlds. Then he said  someone seeking her and he was very dangerous. Rhys said he would send an agent  for her and kill her like they did her father,that Reggie was the last of her kind- Aether Mages- who have control of the four elements. Being an Aether Mage was now illegal and they had been hunted and killed  because  their magic was too strong. but there was still Reggie.

I liked this story but had mixed feelings for it. . It had a good plot. It had a lot to it: magic, danger, adventure, other realms, excitement, Aether Mages, chases, magical battles, evil villains and so much more. I did feel Reggie’s relationship with Asher to quick. At some points especially in the beginning this dragged but then for the rest of the story becomes faster maybe a little too fast for me to completely enjoy the story. Also Reggie trusted way to easy especially after Rhys told her she was in danger. The thing that puts this down to a three is the ending was a cliffhanger and I hate when an author does that to a story I am reading completely throws the story off for me. I seldom use the word hate but in this case it fits.