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Good Story and Characters

The Legendary Lord - Valerie Bowman

Christian was Viscount Berkeley and was outside his small hunting lodge and someone was in his lodge. He pushed the door in with his boot and had his pistol drawn. Christian was in a bad mood, he was tired and dirty and had spent the last night on the road. All Christian really wanted was some food and a warm fire. Instead first he had to get rid of the thief. When he further opened the door he saw this room was empty but there was a fire in the grate, a woven rug he didn’t recognize and a boiling pot. It was obvious someone was here other than the caretaker Mr. Fergus. There was also the vague smell of lilies which meant a woman. An uninvited unwanted woman. He had left London to get away from women. In Scotland Christian was just Christian. No pomp and circumstance at the hunting lodge and Christian liked that. Then Fergus number two - the dog- came in and lead Christian to his bedroom. Christian looked in and there was a woman in his bed. Sarah knew someone was in the house with her. Mr. Fergus had assured Sarah she would have no problem with Master Christian as he was a gentleman. But then she pointed the sword which was his at Christian but he disarmed her and said it was his home and his sword. Sarah admitted this was her third night at the lodge. Fergus had taken her chaperone Mrs Goatsocks into town as she needed medical attention. Sarah said she was the daughter of the Earl of Highfield. Sarah felt this man was no gentleman especially saying he would throw her out in the snow. Sarah’s parents had set her up to marry a popular and well connected man. Sarah had tried to have feeling for this man but all he seemed to be able to talk about was himself. Sarah got the idea to go to her father’s cabin but ended up at the wrong one. Christian had been looking for a woman to marry but the women he considered would always turned into just friends. Sarah needs help getting back to London without a scandal as she doesn’t want to hurt her parents. Sarah agrees to help Christian find a wife if he can get her to London. Sarah and Christian develop feelings but Sarah is already engaged. But Sarah has already agreed to turn Christian into the Legendary Lord.

I liked this story but how did an Earl’s daughter learn how to cook. This story did make me smile at times. I loved the romance of this story and how it built up. This was an easy read with a good plot. I liked how Sarah didn’t back down from Christian when he found her in his bedroom. Then Christian and Sarah came up with a conclusion for both her and Christian’s problems. Some things and expressions were too modern though. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.