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Great Story and Characters

Frontline Angel - Genevieve Jordayne

Eliza had thought long and hard what she wanted to do with her life now all she had to do was tell her parents, Three years ago Eliza had told her parents she was leaving the farm to go to nursing school. Her parents had felt a lot of things nursing was not proper for a young lady to do. No doubt they wanted her to settle down and marry and stay close to the farm. They had even hinted at her becoming a teacher at a local school. Eliza had always been the adventurous one of the family. Eliza had also been a tomboy growing up. Eliza’s current boyfriend was Steven Howard. Eliza had known Steven since grade school. Eliza and Steven took walks together and he was very kind to Eliza. Sometimes Steven would steal a couple of kisses. Eliza would talk of travel while Steven talked of modernizing the family store when he took over it. He didn’t seem to understand why Eliza had to leave and go to nursing school but they had managed a long distance relationship while she was away. One day when Eliza was looking through a nursing journal she saw an ad for the Army Nursing Corp. The ad promised travel, excitement, and a real salary. After talking to one of her trusted instructors and a couple of girls in her class Eliza enlisted in the United States Army. But first Eliza had to tell her family. Eliza knew her family would not understand the burning desire she felt to practice medicine and healing. Eliza knew how much her care was needed no matter how small the task. Not only did the Army Nursing Corp answer Eliza’s need for healing it gave her a chance to give back to her country. Eliza had to leave for her first post in Fort Riley, Kansas in two weeks. Then Steven was there when Eliza had decided to tell her family about having enlisted in the Army. Then Steven went on one knee and proposed. Eliza just burst out with telling them she had joined the Army. After Eliza went for a walk with Steven and tried to explain. She then realized she loved Steven as a friend and that was all even though they had dated for four years. Eliza didn’t feel the passion or desire to stay and become his wife. Two years later Eliza was at the ocean that she had wanted to see. Eliza found she made a good surgical nurse. Eliza was now stationed in Manila in the Philippines. Then she sent her mom a letter telling her where she was her mother replied with a panicked answer that her daughter was going to be in a war. Eliza felt she was ready for whatever came her way. Manila was like Paradise but once Pearl Harbor was bombed everything changed and life was anything but heaven, The nurses are moved after the U S surrenders to the Japanese Army. The nurses have been put in an internment camp and treated horribly. There is not enough food and the nurses have to hope the won’t get the diseases running through the camp while also taking care of people with little medical supplies. Eliza had feelings for a banker “ Reese” Moretti. Eliza did make it through the camp and eventually was taken back to the states.

This was a great story with great writing and a great plot. It’s a must read book if you want to know about the brave women that were nurses in the Philippines  at the time of WWII. There are several twists and turns during this story. This story is very realistic even though a novel. I highly recommend you read this and  I feel you won’t regret it.