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Virtue (Fireborn Wolves) (Volume 2) - Genevieve Jack

Jason had a sex addiction but denies it. He is the youngest son of the royal family of the Firstborn pack. The addiction has started to take control of Jason’s life. Jason was almost brought to death by Nichelova who was a fae princess.This addiction could ruin the entire world not just his pack. Jason wants a one night stand every day sometimes several a day. Jason’s brother is Silas and alpha of his pack and puts Jason in Selene’s care. Selene is an an Acolyte to a Goddess and she wants to become a High Priestess. Selene is to break the curse and heal Jason’s addiction. Selene is innocent and pure and has to  stay that way and is off limits sexually. But feelings start to develop between Selene and Jason.

I didn’t really like this story. At first I didn’t care for Jason for how he treated his family when all the wanted to do was help then i realized that was the addict and started to change my opinion as the story went along. I guess I should have read more on this story before reading it all. I really don’t like to read about sexual addiction. I don’t really understand it and this book really didn’t help with that. Just my personal taste I did finish the story but found the ending predictable. I did like Selene and was happy she was helping Jason. I have to say this just wasn’t for me. I am sure there are others who will love it.