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Great Story and Characters

Giving It All: A Naked Men Novel - Christi Barth

Logan just found out at twenty four he had a half sister . He had been traveling about thirty seven hours now to get home to meet her Then a hurricane grounded Logan on a Caribbean island  and he was grounded for the duration of the storm. He went to the guest desk at the airport and talked to Angelique and she told him to get away from the airport and her brother Remy would drop him off someplace good. Then Logan handed her his business card with a fifty dollar bill wrapped around it and told Angelique to let him know of any plane going anywhere in the continental United States.  Then Logan saw someone who looked like familiar and it turned out to be Brooke who had been the captain of the Roosevelt Prep’s cheering squad all grown up. He went to talk to Brooke and she did recognize Logan. Logan had always had a crush on Brooke.Brooke had also had a crush on Logan but neither had known.  At one point Brooke and Logan had been great friends and in and out of each other’s houses. Logan runs his family’s foundation.Logan is a disaster recovery specialist. Logan really wants to make a difference. But Logan also faces death, destruction and loss a lot. Logan’s mother was cold and uncaring and he was afraid to let people in,  Logan is on call for any disaster to any part of the world His father’s foundation gave aid to smaller disasters that normally do not get international aid. Logan had held onto the belief he had to continuously prove himself and save people in very dangerous situations. Logan eventually realized he had PTSD when he had been a young man and he had overslept and missed the bus as he had been a woman and his friends who had been on the bus ended up missing for three days on a mountain in the Alps but Logan was the one who wouldn’t give up and actually found his friends but he still managed to have survivors guilt for what his friends had went through for those three days.  Which means he has casual no strings relationships. Brooke had loved her teaching job but after a student had committed suicide Brooke quit. Brooke offered to share her hotel room and had a one night stand or until the storm abated she would be with Logan. Brooke had been planning on a job and move to North Carolina but the job fell through and Brooke ended up In DC and she had more time with Logan knowing he could be called away at any time. Brooke had been a Home Economics teacher and cheer leading coach.

I loved this story. It was a great read. Some parts of this story definitely made me choke up. I loved how Logan's friends went through so many trials and stages of their lives together as friends. So heartfelt as far as I was concerned . I felt  bad Logan had a form of PTSD even though he is the one that wouldn’t give up and found his friends before they had to spend yet another night on the mountain and they felt he himself had rescued them. I loved Logan and Brooke together two people who had gotten damaged by life and were helping each other to heal and find love. I rooted them on and wanted them to hurry up and tell each other how they felt before they lost each other. I was very happy when they finally opened up about their feelings. Almost like I was there with them. I did however had a vague feeling that the story wasn’t finished but might be just me. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.