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Good Story and Characters

Lie to Me: A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist - Jess Ryder

Meredith was in her father’s house in the attic looking through a box of her baby clothes. Now that her and Eliot were over she didn’t even know that she wanted kids. But then she found an old fashioned video tape with her name on it and was dated July, 1990. Meredith had been four and a half when this tape was made. It was a few months before Becca - she refused to call her mother mom now- disappeared from her life. Her father had taken Meredith to a hospital the last time she had seen her mother. A woman that was knitting but continually watching her mother because Becca was on suicide watch and that was all Meredith could remember. Her father never took her to the hospital again. Eliot and Meredith had parted as friends. Eliot had wanted to be a cop since he was a kid and he had become one. Meredith had called him to see if he could find out if Cara Travers and Christian Jay were real people and if there was an actual murder. Even though her dad had told Meri her mother was schizophrenia she had to know. Eliot and Meri had fallen in love easily and moved in together after three months but the long awkward shifts, the canceled leave and no social life eventually wore them down. Meri wasn’t allowed to complain about anything Eliot was putting all his stress on Meri and then criticizing her for not handling it. Meri didn’t want them to split up but she also knew she couldn’t be a cop’s wife. Eliot got a hold of Meri there had been a murder in Birmingham and that was where Meri had been born her father and her moved when she was about six. It had been a local murder and a lot stuff had been on the news. Local actress- Cara stabbed to death by a kitchen knife  in 1984. The murder had never been solved. It was known as the Darkwater Murder. Then Eliot showed to a coworker the tape and she sent it to the Chief of Police in Birmingham and he wanted to see her and Eliot the next day. Meri wasn’t to happy about that  Then Durley- the Chief of Police told Meri that he had known her mother, and that she looked like Becca. Becca had found Cara’s body. There had only been one suspect and it was Cara’s ex boyfriend Christopher Jay. He was a pothead,  thief, and violent bully. Cara had been involved with a little theater company and had not made any friends yet. There was no forced entry. So Cara probably knew her killer. The other actors had left weeks earlier and had iron clad alibis and then there was Christopher. He was the last person standing. Christopher admitted going to the house that day. Also there was a knife missing from the kitchen block  and the murder weapon had never been found. No one had seen Christopher leave. Cara’s acting friend testified that Christopher had been violent with Cara during and after their relationship. But Becca had given a statement and said Cara was still alive when she found her even spoke to her and asked Becca to stay with her. So Becca had made a different timeline and Christopher got off. Then Meri said Becca had escaped from the psychiatric unit in the hospital and no one had seen or heard from her since.

This was a  very good story to read and i enjoyed it a lot. It dragged a little for me at times but that didn’t stop me from continuing on with the story. It went back and forth between the past and the present and usually i don’t like that but this was done in such a way that i got through it without a problem. This kept my attention from beginning until end as I always was waiting to see what was going to happen next. At times you were on the edge of your seat with this one.which also made it enjoyable for me. The plot was very good just like the story. A very good thriller with some surprises. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.