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Great Story and Characters

Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby - Sasha Summers

Finn trusted few people but Hollis was one he did trust. He stood by Finn no matter what. He had just told Finn he was a father from a one night stand and the mother- Car didn’t make it nor had any family or anyone else come to claim the baby boy. Finn now had a son and that could ruin all Finn and Hollis been striving for the last ten years. Finn wondered what his child would become. This was dangerous for them. Too many unknowns, too many variables to turn the baby over to a stranger. There was also the Others and they would not be happy about the new addition. All Finn could do was see what the Others did and that just wasn’t his way. Finn had several million dollar companies to run. People counted on him Regatti and Martin were Finns advisors. And kept him on the strongest financial path. But Finns instincts had the final say so. Finn hoped Jessa Talbot was the right one for the assistant he needed as his last one had quit and he didn’t believe she would be  back. Jessa was educated, well liked, and with excellent references and reviews. But two things stood out to Finn: Jessa was the primary caregiver to four younger siblings and she was struggling desperately financially. Finn was the head of the of Dean Industries and Jessa was nervous to be called to his office. Jessa’s siblings future relied on her staying employed. Her parents had died when Nate was a few months old. Jessa was attracted to Finn and she would have to work on getting over that attraction. Finn said needed her total interaction and attention. Also Finn knew nothing of children and Jessa did. She also had to sign a non disclosure agreement. Finn would also double her salary, help her brothers get into the college of their choice The project was to be for six weeks by then they would have nanny for the baby and then she would be his executive assistant. Also she would get a bonus that should cover her brothers and sister next tuition payment. Then gave her a cell phone and he also asked if her brothers could handle things for a short time. He also gave Jessa a blank credit card and told her anything she needed to use the card. Something about Jessa had put Finn;s wolf on high alert. Finn was a werewolf but not by birth but by an accident. He couldn’t afford to employ people who could make him lose control. She also smelled like heaven and Finn’s life was a well oiled carefully constructed machine  with minimal to no hiccups. Everything he did was analyzed , every outcome considered ensuring his secret was kept. The five men that had this infection swore the infection would end with them. The men were Finn, Dante, Hollis, Anders and Malachi. There was to be no kids or families.But Finn already knew his son was a werewolf also.  Malachi hadn’t spoken a word to Finn in the last nine years. Jessa felt a current, white hot to her nervous system whenever Finn was near. Jessa hadn’t dated for two years since she and Benjamin had broken up. Jessa didn’t know how to let anyone close. In the ten years since the men had been infected Finn and his pack had learned little about their adversaries. They didn’t know other werewolves existed until the other pack jumped Mal and Mal had barely survived. Finn didn’t think they knew about Hollis, Anders or Dante.

I loved this story I couldn’t put it down. It had me from the first page and kept my interest until the last. I loved Jessa who was so giving of herself first with her siblings then with Baby Oscar and Finn and  he fell in love with both. The only complaint I had and to me it was a biggie that knocked the rating down from a 5 to a 4 was that I felt the ending was a cliffhanger  of sorts and I hated that. I can’t stand cliffhangers as I read a lot and don’t always get back to a series unless I have an invite by the author. If there is another after this story I hope I get to read it. The way Finn became a werewolf and what he did was heart wrenching, my heart went out to him as though he were a real person. I loved the characters and the plot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.