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Great Story and Characters

A Fire in the Blood - Amanda Ashley

Gradually stories of people drained of their blood and people disappearing was getting closer to Cutter’s Corner. The citizens began to pay attention to the news. Tessa worked in a bank and her coworker Jileen and friend had started the same day Tessa did, Tessa worked in the loan department and Jileen was a teller. Speculation was appearing in local blogs, on Facebook and Twitter. Then a bold reporter said Cutter’s Corner had a vampire problem. But Vampires were a myth everyone knew that. Tessa had moved to town three years ago and Mrs Kowalski had been the first person Tessa had met. Now Mrs Kowalski was the latest victim. According to the paper. Lately Tessa had the eerie feeling she was being watched. The vampire paused outside the woman’s house . there was word going around that a woman in Cutter’s Corner  whose blood made new vampires stronger. It had been heard from a gypsy fortune teller the same woman Tessa had went with her cousin to see so many years ago.  There had been five mysterious death in as many months in Cutter’s corner. A Vampire had went after tessa but a man in black had killed him. When Tessa asked who he was he said he was a concerned citizen. Andrei was hovered outside Tessa’s window eavesdropping  as Tessa calmly and slowly told the police what had happened. Andrei wondered what was there that attracted vampires from all over the country to his city Without his intervention several times she would have been dead weeks ago. When Tessa went to work Monday she told Jillian what happened then Andrei showed up at the bank and asked if she was ok and introduced himself. Then Andrei asked Tessa to go out with him Friday night. Tessa said she didn’t really want to go out at night so they settled for a movie at two in the afternoon The smell of Tessa’s blood lingered in Andrei’s nose. Never in his  seven hundred years had Andrei smelled anything like it. The Crypt - a club- a goth hang out that drew those who was fascinated by the undead or death itself. There was where Andrei headed Tessa felt drawn to Andrei and he had saved her life. But it does come out she is a vampire when Joleen  and her hunter boyfriend Luke go on a double date with Tessa and Andrei. But the did all promise to keep Andrei’s secret. Tessa wants some time to think all this over . But she does miss Andrei and she was happy when he showed up again.

I loved this story I could find nothing to criticize in any way and I was happy about that. The plot was great, the writing was great and the pace was just right.  Then we meet Bailey who I also loved. I loved how Bailey stood up to her foster father and told him if he ever hurt or touched another foster child she would be back.. I also loved Tristan and how he is willing to teach Bailey the were shifters way. . I loved how Tessa and Andrei were together as well as Joleen and Luke as well as Bailey and Tristan. All fit together and each had their . romance. I just loved this story and all it said. It was an easy read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.