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Sets Appeal - Virginia Taylor

Victoria/ Vix  is attending a party the first in a year. But this party is a pre- production getting- to - know function held for the cast and crew of the stage version of High Society. But Vix is having an extreme case of stage fright She is giving J D/Jay the theater set builder a ride home and he is to make her a cup of coffee. Vix is trying to find what she missed the seven years when she had been married. Vix had gotten fired eighteen months ago. JD said his team does four sets a year. Awkward, tactless Victoria had barely spoken to a man the past year that is why she decided to shake up her image and herself. Marrying young Vix really hadn’t been in the dating scene. JD asked asked what was the hurry when they would be working together but Vix said when your job is done mine begins and we won’t really be seeing each other. Vix had been cheated on, taken advantage of, and left humiliated. She wanted to be a bad girl and have a one night of satisfying sex would do  figuring on Jay. this would go far to prove she wasn’t  frigid, repressed, and sexless as  she had been told that is what Vix wanted. Jay didn’t have time for a relationship but a casual affair would be just great. Knowing Vix was Tim’s ex only added to her appeal. As Tim had screwed his future up. Vix is on her first job ever as a set painter. Vix impressed Jay with her determination to succeed and how much she loved to work. She didn’t come across a snobby rich girl.

I liked this book quite a bit. I thought it had a good plot. And was a good read. I loved how JD asked  Vix  why she was in such a rush. I loved how Vix wants to change her life  but why with a one night stand I would think that was demeaning  or something not exactly positive. I understand her need to prove  to herself what Tim said about her sexually is false. At times Vix did come across a rich girl who hadn’t worked like being exhausted after working for two weeks. That is something a lot of people have to work day in day out for most of their lives. Also why was Vix thinking about “Buying” Jay did she not learn anything from Tim and her marriage? Also can Jay be bought? I enjoyed this but some things did irritate me. But I still really liked the romance although some things did disappoint me about Jay and Vix.