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Good Story and Characters

Dangerous Behavior - Nancy Bush

Sam had gotten a text from his brother Joe and it said “ meet me at my dock at noon”. Sam and Joe had a rift and it grew over the years and they didn’t speak much anymore so Sam was surprised by the text. Sam answered with a text and said he couldn’t make even though he really could have. But he didn’t hear back from Joe. Sam had quit his job as a Seaside cop for a job in Portland for a better job but then someone with power took the job and left Sam without a job. Sam could have went back and got his job back at Seaside but he didn’t know if he wanted to. Joe didn’t answer any of Sam’s further texts so he drove to Joe’s house but no one answered him at Joe’s house. Also Joe’s boat was nowhere at the dock. Sam headed toward the bay when no one showed up by 12:45. Then Sam put a call into his ex partner Giff. They had been partners for five years. Sam drove to the sharp cliffs that reached into the ocean. It had created an isolated beach that you could only reach at low tide. Then Sam saw a shoe bobbing in the waves. Then Sam jumped in and pulled the woman to shore and gave her CPR and she finally brought up a bunch at ocean water from her lungs. The woman was Jules where was Joe. Julia/Jules was Sam’s ex girlfriend and she married Joe - Sam’s brother. Sam and Jules had been sweethearts in school but broke up and Julia ended up relying on Joe in some difficult times in her life. Joe’s body is found a couple of days later and Sam is determined to find out what happened and who took his brother’s life. When Jules finally comes to in the hospital she has no memory of anyone or anything including her husband Joe but she does remember loving Sam. Then there is a man and woman perfect for each other. They love to kill for thrills and love getting paid by an anonymous old man.

This was a great thriller  and I enjoyed reading this. This book keeps  your attention from the very beginning of the story to the end. This story had you sitting on the edge of your seat. I loved how Sam was so determined to find out what happened to Joe his brother.  I also liked how we were kept guessing who the killers were. The only thing that bothered me was how Sam and Jules had been brought up a lot that Sam and Julia had been in love when her husband was dead and under mysterious situations.She had been left to die also. I liked the plot and the characters and I loved the twists and turns and I recommend.