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Great Story and Characters

Soul of the Wolf - Judith Sterling

Lady Jocelyn de Bret was on her way to her future husband who was called a Saxon sorcerer. She was going to her destiny and despair. Her chief escort was Sir Robert le Danjon and she wondered why he couldn’t be her future husband. Joycelyn had changed her opinion on Saxons and now she didn’t like them at all after her mother had called Jocelyn to her after she had celebrated her nineteenth birthday. Wulfstan was Jocelyn’s intended and he didn’t want to marry her or anyone and planned on never visiting her bed. The king had ordered this marriage and both he and Jocelyn would do their duty as the king wished. Then Wulfstan decides to go to Woden Circle instead of being there to greet his future bride when she first arrives. Tomorrow Jocelyn and Wulfstan were to wed. Jocelyn decided she wanted to go for a walk after all her days of travel even though it was to rain. So Meg pointed Jocelyn came upon Wulfstan and he was the handsomest man she had ever seen. Wulfstan thought Jocelyn was gorgeous to his dismay. Then he informed Jocelyn after the wedding feast they would be leaving immediately for for Nihtscua. It was about twenty miles away. Wulfstan was not at all what Jocelyn expected. Emma came to Jocelyn while she was in her room and Jocelyn asked her how long she had known Wulfstan and Emma said all her life then Jocelyn asked what kind of man he was and Emma said : quiet, studious, dedicated to the old ways. Emma also told Jocelyn that her marriage was a beginning not an end. Robert told Wulfstan to be patient with Rocelyn as she seemed wary of Saxons. William had got a ring for Wulfstan to give Jocelyn he said he and Emma owed Wulfstan so much and always repays his debts. Wulfstan had a vision when they were at the altar going through the wedding ceremony. At the feast Jocelyn asked of his visions and he told her they were private and she said so are my memories, Did he raid them deliberately. Wulfstan Wulfstan said the sight comes as it wills. Alice was Jocelyn’s handmaiden and had come with her and also went to Jocelyn’s new home with her. Wulfstan told Jocelyn he would tell her that night of his vision now she waited for him in their room. Jocelyn had found out upon arrival that Wulfstan had a nine year old sister named Freya who hadn’t spoken since she was .four. Wulfstan came to the bedroom and told of his vision  and the Saxon who had raped her mother and was Jocelyn’s true father not than man who was her mother’s husband and had raised her as his own child. Wulfstan said he only seen what hurt others. Then he told Jocelyn they need not consummate the marriage. That he would stay celibate. He had important work to do. Wulfstan told her she can love having the bedroom to herself as he would late into the night and when he sleeps there is a pallet in his workroom. When Jocelyn awoke Freya was there with a cat. Jocelyn then pet the cat and then Alice came in Alice told her everyone knew Wulfstan did not sleep with her- the laundress had told  that he could communicate with animals  and his moods control the weather. Jocelyn then decided to change things at the keep. Jocelyn decorated, she clean and did so to change the cold draub  castle into what it could be cleaned and with tapestries hanging. Also Jocelyn talked to her staff as well as  added more staff. But Jocelyn found she did want her husbands attention.that she had finally let go of her hatred for all Saxons. .Joselyn was determined to sleep with her husband and she wanted children. If only she could get Wulfstan to sleep with her. Then Sir robert decided to try to help Jocelyn with the task and he did at least share a bed with her and she knew he desired her.

I loved this story of a man’s burden and magic . The plot was great and I did really enjoy this story. The writing was great as was the pace of this story. I love how the relationship grows between Jocelyn and Wulfstan finally into a love neither of them believed they would ever have. I loved that Edith wanted to help Jocelyn also and Freya loved her. I also loved how Jocelyn changed things in the castle. And was determined to be happy and her husband be happy as well and with her. I could almost picture the land and the Wolf’s head, and the castle as the author described everything so well. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend