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Great Story and Characters

His Family of Convenience - Amy Ayers

Senna had landed a coveted internship at the esteemed Medina Enterprises. Marco Medina was so good looking But that was a year ago. Now Marco was at the beachside bar that Senna worked at. Even though Marco had jokingly insulted her job while Senna’s body was remembering what it was like  to be close to him even though she shouldn’t. Working for Marco had been a master class of global business and international supply chain management. She spent the year trying to pretend she was not hot for Marco. Then one night on the rooftop terrace of his downtown office building marco and Senna slept together, Marco said to Senna he thought senna was going to apply for one of the sales positions after she graduated and Senna had said yeah she was going to . But she knew the bar was an honest place to work and her hard won tips kept her afloat. when all other options seemed to dry up. Then Senna said she was just waiting for the right opportunity Marco didn’t seem happy with what she was wearing and Senna was secretly pleased. Senna had tried to contact Marco several times for several months but Marco didn’t answer any of her texts, calls, or emails. Senna was also doing freelance bookkeeping to help make ends meet.   Marco knew Senna was keeping a secret from him and for a smart girl that wasn’t the wisest decision. After their night together Marco had family obligations he had to tend to. Marco was bound by traditions and loyalties centuries in the making. Abby was Senna roommate she had wondered into Senna’s life when she was pregnant and couldn’t afford to see a regular doctor and went to the free clinic while Abby was studying to get her nurse practitioner degree. The two became friends. Then Abby was looking for a room to rent and moved in with Senna when her grandma had to go to a long care facility. When Max was born Abby loved the baby boy and Abby’s schedule allowed Seena to work at the bar while she watched Max. Then Marco’s driver showed up at Senna’s apartment the next day and said Marco wanted Senna and Max to come to his office. Senna at first wasn’t going to go but she wanted Max to get to know his father and have him in Max’s life. So Senna got ready and went with Max to meet with Marco. Marco wanted to take Max to meet his family. Senna would not let Max go without her especially since she was breastfeeding but she refused to separated from her baby either way. So Senna and Max went to Marco’s ancestral home to meet Marco’s ailing father. Then Senna found out his ancestral home was actually a castle. There Senna learned Marco was to marry within the month. It was an arranged marriage but Marco had been raised it was his duty. Finally Senna could no longer take the pain so she went back to Miami.

I love this story. It was a quick read and I thoroughly enjoy this story. It was predictable but that didn’t take away from the story as far as I am concerned. I choked up at times and smiled at others. I loved the plot also. I loved how Marco changed his whole way of thinking and his life for the woman and child he loved. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.