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Great Story and Characters

Playing the Spanish Billionaire - M.K. Meredith

London felt a little one night stand with a Spaniard might be just the thing to help her decompress. Truth was London had been too good keeping men away the last couple of years. After working non stop to pay her mom’s medical bills and build a reputation as a sought after luxury  hotel inspector for Elite Travel and Life Magazine. A string of unbreakable migraines and endless  weeks of insomnia had landed her in to see her doctor more than once.Her her doctor warned her if she didn’t take care of herself she wouldn’t be able to take care of her mother Alanna who had MS. So London was on vacation in Barcelona. Then a little girl about six years old  came to her crying and before London knew it she stole her luggage. Then a very hot man came up to London and said “ I think I found something that belongs to you” and he had her luggage and then London hugged the man then got embarrassed as he was a stranger and pulled back and said “ This is such a relief, thank you”. Then he asked where she was going and it turned out they were going to the same place- Huntington Place. He said he was just returning from a trip. He mentioned his family owned orchards and they all worked together right along side his parents. That gave London an idea for her magazine’s Homeward Bound section. His great great grandfather established the orchard in 1870. Mateu was CEO of Huntington Place Barcelona. And it was her duty to ensure London loved her visit so much she wouldn’t be able to check out the hotel without leaving a five star review in Elite Life and Travel Magazine. They had held the coveted position of  number one hotel in Barcelona four years in a row. A fifth year would have earned them induction into the magazine’s “ Hotel Of Fame”. and significant  critical recognition. But they had lost it by cuts a hotel could not be number one if it didn’t have the staff to make it work. Mateu saw on London’s phone once in a lifetime. She told Mateu she worked all the time and she had a lot of responsibility back home and this was her one chance to live it up. Also this would give her a chance to live it up and also give her a chance to do her job. Hotel inspectors worked anonymously and needed to be at the hotel to do their job but this list  had her going all over Barcelona, London was taking every precaution to keep from revealing why she was really there. As far as London knew Mateu was an orchard laborer and that was how he wanted to keep it. Mateu had learned a hard lesson that when women found out he was rich they lost interest in him as a man and cared only about what he could do for them ask his ex fiance. London got a text from her friend Susan and was told Mateu was actually Nicoleru Mateu CE of Huntington Place Barcelona. So he was a liar and London was really there on vacation  not to do a five star review. Then London got a call from her mother and her mom told her that the medicine that worked for her was no longer covered by the insurance it would be thirty five hundred dollars a month for the medicine now. So London knew she had to take back the shoes she had bought but she was going to wear them tonight when she went to meet Mateu. London knew she would have to cancel her things she had already paid to do and get her money back. London didn’t know how she would cover everything now and how she would make ends meet. Then London had to get ready to meet with Mateu for a drink. Then London called her boss and she was doing a review but using her own name and and bank account instead of her alias She planned on playing Mateu at his own game all she had to do make Mateu think her plan was his idea all along. Mateu had no problem showing London a good time he just didn’t a good time he just didn’t like the hidden agenda and deceit. But his father wasn’t in great health and Mateu had to get the hotel rating back up then he could spend half of his time helping his father.Mateu thought London was playing right into his hands. Mateu should assume from business if it’s too easy it’s probably too easy for a reason. Already first thing he should remember to assume nothing. But he had broken both rules. London got up the next morning when they were heading to a cooking class at the hotel and she had to admit Mateu had her head swimming a bit but any woman would feel that around a man as handsome as Mateu. Margo is Alanna’s best friend since grade school. Alanna was in the hospital with a respiratory infection but Margo and London’s best friend Susan where at her side. Margo offered a small loan but London texted her mother that they would figure it out and wanted no loan. Mateu knew knew there was something between him and London but he had to keep it in check. Mateu took London to Espana Orchards - his family home. London felt she had to come clean to Mateu she hoped he would also be honest but it was a chance she had to take.

This was a great story and I loved it. I sincerely enjoyed everything about this story: the plot. The writing, and the pace. I loved how London just had to come clean with Mateu. I also loved how Mateu and his family were. It choked me up when his father fell and when Mateu lashed out at London and how she hurt. But London was still there for Mateu and his family after Mateu father fell. I also loved how Mateu’s mom took time to talk to him about London. I also loved how London the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.